"The Barbie Canvas"

portrait ooaks by Laurie Everton



Celebrity ooaks

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"Colin Farrell" "Leonardo DiCaprio" "Bryan Cranston/Walter White" "Aaron Paul" "Russell Crowe"

"Zac Efron" "Whitney Houston" "Jennifer Aniston" "Bradley Cooper" "George Clooney"

"Katy Perry" "Johnny Depp" "Will Smith" "Stevie Nicks" "Angelina Jolie"

"Kate Jackson" "Angelina Jolie" "Angelina Jolie" "Cameron Diaz" "Kaley Cuoco" "Cherie Currie"

"Stevie Nicks" "Brad and Angelina" "Rihanna" "Britney Spears" "Friends"

"Demi Moore" "Penelope Cruz" "Tom Cruise" "The Olsen Fins"( twins ) "George Clooney"

"Whitney Houston" "Jennifer Lopez" "Will Smith" "Jennifer Aniston" "Angelina Jolie"

"Jaclyn Smith" "Jennifer Aniston" "Adam Lambert" "Stevie Nicks" "Bret Michaels"

"Johnny Depp" "Lady Gaga" "Steven Tyler" "Cheryl Ladd" "Taylor Swift" "Brad Pitt"

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"Jon Bon Jovi" "Bret Michaels" "Matthew McConaughey" "Liv Tyler" "Lita Ford" "Kristen Stewart"