"The Barbie Canvas"

portrait ooaks by Laurie Everton




Other ooak Dolls

This page is currently still under construction...

"commissioned Pippa" "Meka" "Bobbi" "Angelina Ghoulie" "Clawdeen"

A commissioned Pippa/Dawn...rerooted and repainted into an original look

This repainted Barbie, was repainted to look like my friends daughter, "Meka" :-)

Tonners new line of dolls "City Girls - Houston" has had an original repaint, now she is "Bobbi"

A Monster high repaint, "Angelina Ghoulie" ( Jolie ) with a Brad Pitt portrait on her torso :-)

A Monster High repaint "Clawdeen"

"Bubble Girls" "Laura" "Abbey"

Girls from "Bubbleworld"

My entry at the IFDC ( which won 1st place and judges choice )

Monster High repaint for Draculaura.

A Monster high repaint for Abbey.

"Gina" "Paint it black" "Sugarcane" "Space Queen" "Mod Gone Goth"

A Tonner repaint into an original face, "Gina"

This Francie has cute black hair to match her cool black pleather outfit :-)

A former Ballerina Barbie...now in platinum white hair and cool white metal mesh dress :)

A tnt painted into a far out "space" Jamie!

A former Ballerina Barbie...now with a gothic look:)

"Mean Green" "Pretty in Pink" "Pretty Pastels" "Mod Pod" "Holiday Francie"

This former Balerina Barbie has a new tnt face and cool new body!

After her makeover this vintage Francie is as sweet as they come!

This is one of my favorite repaints...sold at the Dallas Barbie convention in 2007 ( complete with handmade furry vest ) Soooo cool!

This vintage Francie has been transformed into a stunning pastel colored babe!

Bright holiday colors gives this vintage Francie new life and some holiday "pizzaz" :D

"Hazel" "Neon Nights" "Number One" "Wild Side"

This vintage Francie has been redone in some cool new colors including FAB hazel eyes!

She is a vintage Francie that needed some help....so with a new reroot and face, I put her in a cool black leather outfit for an ultra mod look :)

A former ponytail.....now after a reroot and repaint she is a stunning number one!

This vintage Francie needed new hair and makeup, so I gave her a cool animal style look ( with hair to match! )

"Pastel Pop Art" "Francie a Go-Go" "After Midnight" "Silver Malibu Stacey"

This former quick curl Francie has had a reroot and facial repaint....she is now a cool vintage Francie with lots of style!

This vintage Francie needed some help, so after giving her some new bright red hair and a fresh repaint....all she needed was the groovy go-go outfit, now she is ultra mod!

She started as a Sweet 16 Barbie....now after a total makeover ( to look like mod Jamie ) she now is a cool mod Jamie!

Originally a vintage Malibu Barbie, she has had a total reroot and repaint ( repainted with the Stacey face ) to become a cool silver Malibu Stacey :)

"Brilliant Brunette" "Resident Redhead" "Japanese Francie" "The Grape Groove"

A Malibu Barbie at one time....now she is a beautiful brunette Stacey ( after a total reroot and repaint )

Originally a malibu Barbie, she has had a total reroot and repaint ( repainted to look like Stacey )

A vintage Francie....she has had a total repaint and hair restyled to now become the rare and beautiful Japanese Francie.

She was once a Malibu Barbie, after a total reroot and repaint ( repainted to look like Stacey ) she now has a new groovy look.




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