"The Barbie Canvas"

portrait ooaks by Laurie Everton



My Other Art             

Here are a few examples of some of my other art. There are lots more, but since this website is dedicated to my ooak dolls....I just wanted to put up a few to show ( I will be adding a few more later ) click on picture to view larger more detailed picture

"Rose" "Winona Ryder" "Madonna"

Portrait of my Niece Rose, done in pencil.

Done in pencil for workshop at the IFDC.

Done in pencil for the 2012 IFDC.

"The red dress" "Have some pie" "Stone Cold" "pamplet"

Done with colored pencils.

Copied from an ad and done entirely with markers.

Portrait done for a friend "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, drawn in pencil.

The hand was drawn in pencil, then put it on the computer so I could add the extra computer graphics.

"Lacey" "Grateful" "Joan Jett"

This was drawn in ballpoint pen and is currently part of my logo for this website.

This was drawn entirely by colored pencil.

Drawn with a black ball point pen.